Hello Guys, I made this article just for convincing you to travel in Bangkok by taking boats along the Chao Phraya River. If you are a traveler who wants to use local transportation that opens up opportunities to see interesting sceneries. I am sure that this transportation is a match for you. Chao Phraya is the vast river that passes through Bangkok. It divides the City into to parts that we call Thon Buri(Old City) and Phra Nakorn(Capital). There are full of historical places along the river because Thai people were using the river as a main route in the past. Today I made a short journey from Thewet Pier to Si Phraya Pier and took some photos to show you what you would see if you were on the boat. The fare was only 20 bath per person on the yellow flag express boat.

First of all, You will see Rama 8 Bridge from a very close range. It is not far from Thewet Pier so you can see the bridge from there.

After the boat gets you to pass through under the bridge you will see Siriraj Hospital Buildings. This is one of the largest Hospitals in Thailand. It is run by the government and has been provided medical and healthcare for Thai people since 1881. Since the buildings were built in a good composition. This hospital is a popular place for taking landscape photos.

The next interesting spot I would like to show you is Tha Wang Lang Pier. It looks crowded with people who commute to a lot of remarkable places around. There are many delicious street foods you can find here. Some of them have been operated for decades.

9 Minutes later from Tha Wang Lang Pier, You will see Wat Arun temple on the right. Wat Arun is among the best known of Thailand’s landmark. It is a huge ancient riverfront pagoda from┬áthe early nineteenth century during the reign of King Rama II.

The next religious site is not so well known but it is colorful and easy to see from the boat. It is a Chinese Temple in a village. It reflects the way of life of folks who live there before urbanization around the area. In contrast, If you looked to the other side, You would see a forest of skyscrapers that reflect the super economic expansion of the capital.


I get off the boat at Si Phraya Pier. From this pier, you can take a furry to ICONSIAM , the newly luxurious shopping mall that opens at the end of 2018. However, my destination was finding some cheap food at Klongsan plaza(It’s a flea market) then I would go to Lhong 1919 which you can read its review here.

Finally, I would conclude that the express boat is a cheap way to go around good places for your Bangkok trip. It feels a bit adventurous but it is safe and fun.

Thank you for reading.