Chill Wind with the sweet fragrance of fruits and fresh air in the peaceful garden could be the best definition of Uncle Wasan’s grape and longan garden.

The garden is organized by Uncle Wasan Nuamsiri at the age of 64 years. In the past, the garden used to be a paddy-field until 15 years ago. Uncle Wasan transformed the land to be grape and longan garden as he like the atmosphere of fruit gardens more than paddy-fields. He plants many kinds of fruits such as White Malaga grape from Australia and
Phung-Tong longan. The others are Japanese lemon, Mango, etc. He never uses chemical substances but his garden could produce excellent productivity. His garden can be harvested around
2.5 times every year which generate profit around 400,000-500,000 bath per year from his 13 rai garden.

Uncle Wasan allows visitors to taste grape and longan from its tree. The taste of the fruits is greater than what you can find in the supermarket. It has juicy and firmly matters with
good sweet level.