Krua Lung Ho(Uncle Ho Restaurant) is an ordinary Thai restaurant where local people like to spend their time with their family for dinner and take a long tail boat trip to the only sea in Bangkok. You may surprise to know that there is a sea in Bangkok as many Thai people who never know that Bangkok is connected to the sea. But the truth is YES. Bangkok is connected to the sea but it doesn’t have beautiful shores or white sand like other popular seas in Thailand.  This district is called Bang Khun Tien where is the most south of Bangkok. To get to the restaurant you have to drive your car, dabble in the gravel road to the end of the line.  It’s quite adventurous but it worth it.

The restaurant is a wooden building beside the river. No air conditioner. Although the overall decoration looks cheap, the cleanliness is acceptable. I recommend getting there around 16:00-17:00 so you can take a tour before you go back to have your dinner at the restaurant.

Krua Lung Ho sells typical Thai seafood. I ordered Fried Fish, Tom Yam Pla, Pla Mor Fire. You can find this kind of food in the most Thai restaurant in Thailand. However, The taste depends on the freshness of the ingredients and The skill of the chef.  For this restaurant, I give it 4/5.

As I mentioned before, This restaurant has a special service. Uncle Ho, the restaurant owner, will drive a longtail boat to get his customers to tour along canals and to see the sea. In this trip, you will see the lifestyle of folks, Breath the fresh air and chill out with the scenery.

Can you see a small building at the skyline in the photo above? It’s the most famous landmark of this sea. It is a milestone that used to be on the land. This area has sunken to the sea around 20 years ago. The sea level is rising every year and devouring Bangkok land around 450 meters per year.

Krua Lung Ho
Address: Ban Khlong Suan, Phra Samut Chedi District, Samut Prakan 10290
Tel. 081 303 1459
Open : 9:00-21:00