Did you know the Khaosan Road ? It’s a world popular “backpacker ghetto” in Bangkok which is full of foreigner tourists. Khaosan Road offers cheap accommodation, ranging from “mattress in a box” style hotels to reasonably priced 3-star hotels. Today, We’re going to review and compare 2 of the interesting restaurants in the area of Khaosan Road. Both of them are located in the same alley and adjacent to each other so they made tourists who visit there have to make a choice for the special meal.


The first restaurant is Shoshana. Shoshana offered the excellent Israeli cuisine. From word of mount, Shoshana’s dishes are probably the Best Israeli food in Bangkok and a lot of the Israeli tourists who come to Kao San Road would come to have food at Shoshana and all said that the food is just like back at home.

Shoshana has opened since 1982 when Khaosan Road became more popular as a tourist destination. Shoshana was one of the first guesthouses in Khaosan area. Then it started making Israeli food for their guests, a lot of whom came from Israel. After a while, a group of Israeli customers helped naming the restaurant “Shoshana”, which means “a rose”.

Shonana’s Atmosphere


It was an evening on sunday. We were going to Shoshana restaurant to had a dinner and to gathered some information and photos for our review. The restaurant was in a grotto of a comercial building. The chef was cooking outside by the front door so you can visually see the fresh food was being prepared. After the front door was a small dinning room with around 10 tables which was almost full with customers. The Shonana’s Atmosphere is just like typical middle eastern restaurants, nothing special except very strong air conditioning. However,We felt comfortable with this kind of decoration style and the staffs were friendly and efficient services. We looked at menu then we ordered 4 dishes which we thought they’re regular food in Jewish culture: Humus and Pita , Falafel, Shawama and Shashuka with 3 side dishes: israel salad, Humus and French Fries.

Hummus and Pita


Hummus is an ancient Egyptian food made with cooked,mashed chickpeas or other beans blended with tahini , olive oil, lemon juice ,salt and galic and the Pita is slightly leavened Arabic flatbread. Today Hummus and Pita are popular throughout the middle east and North Africa and in Middle eastern cuisine around the world. To eat Hummus and Pita, We tear a small piece from Pita and dip in the hummus. Its taste was a bit oily and creamy. It melted in my mouth when its silky texture touched my tongue. After I’ve tried hummus with pita, I tried hummus along with pita with others dishes such as Salad, Shashuka and Falafel. I found this food is great to eat whether with and without any side dishes.



The first time I saw falafel. I thought they must be meatballs because their shape look like meatballs and they also have dark brown skin. I chopped a falafel to look inside. I was very surprised that there was a lot of herbs appeared inside it. Since I am the vegetables lover one, I couldn’t resist my passion to tried falafel.  I felt , it was crunchy on the outside and smelling herbs. If you like to eat vegetables and looking for something new. Falafel is the best choice for you. Actually, Falafel are not made with any meat at all. They are popular food  for vegetarians. They are made with chickpeas or fava beans or a combination of the two and with other spicy herbal ingredients such as parsley, scallions, garlic, cumin and coriander. All of these are good for people who care about healthy.




Shashuka is poached tomato with eggs putted on top. That’s just sound like a banal food but its taste isn’t really is. Although the tomatoes are typical food around the globe, The shashuka has such a unique taste and it is the most delicious tomato food that I have ever eaten. Thanks to the mysterious of middle-eastern culture at the age of 4000 years of history for shaping the way of cooking. My shashuka had sweet-scented fragrance from poached tomatoes and it was served in just perfect temperature. its warmth reminded me to the warmth of the embrace of lover. It lets me felt pleasure every time I swallowed. This food is also a healthy vegetarian dish because they are made with tomatoes and eggs which are full of beneficial nutrients.



For this dish ,it’s called “ shawarma ” . The menu provides great selection of meats and side dishes. We chose roast beef with 3 side dishes : hummus  , Israeli  salad and french fries. The roast beef were very  soft  and  mellow. They cooked in spicy arabic style. When you have roast beef with hummus , you will feel salty from roast beef and creamy from hummus that it is perfectly mixable. After that you have to have Israeli salad because the juice of vegetables will help decrease savory. The french fries were crispy outside but mild inside. They were a bit bigger than normal which let me felt deep in the taste of potatoes.



After the meal, We got an opportunity to mini-interview with the restaurant owner, Mrs Sumol Chaisoy. She said that she derived the restaurant from her mother’s sister who had established it. And now she run the business with her husband who is israeli. She is also be the main chef and she has to prepare the food and its recipes for genuine taste. For example, The hummus, She had to boiled the chickpeas for several days before she mashed it into silky cream. She also lets us tried “eggplant salad” which is one of her proud dishes that we missed to ordered. Its taste was intense and a bit sour. It let us felt breezy with the fresh eggplant. I thought I won’t miss it next time I visit Shoshana.

In summary , As thai people , We think Shoshana is good place to find new experience to enjoy the food from the difference culture. However, If you are tourists, we are sure that this place is totally worth it. Shoshana offered a lot of delicious israeli food along with thai food in comfortable atmosphere and good services. The food served in big portion size and you can enjoy the meal in around 150-250 Bath per person.

More Informations

Shoshana is located in a small alley opposite to Wat Chana Songkram. It’s not far from Khaosan Road. If you’re staying at some accommodation in Khaosan Road. You can go north-west along the Khaosan Road to Chakrabongse Road , Then make a right and straight ahead to the alley.

Website :
Address : 86 Chakapong Rd., Taladyod, Pranakron, Bangkok 10200
Tel: 02-282-9948
Mobile: 08-4942-6954

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