Shoshana offers excellent Israeli cuisines. From word of mouth, Shoshana’s dishes are probably the best Israeli food in Bangkok and a lot of the Israeli tourists said that the food is just like back at home. Shoshana opened as a guesthouse in 1982 when Khaosan Road had become more popular as a tourist destination. Then it started making Israeli food for their guests. After a while, a group of Israeli customers helped name the restaurant “Shoshana”, which means “a rose”.

Shoshana’s Atmosphere


The restaurant is in a terraced house. The chef cooks outside by the front door so you can visually see the fresh foods being prepared. Shoshana’s Atmosphere is just like typical restaurants. However, we felt comfortable with this kind of decoration style and the efficiency of the staff.

Hummus and Pita


Hummus is an ancient Egyptian food made with cooked-mashed chickpeas or other beans blended with olive oil. Pita is slightly leavened Arabic flat-bread. To eat hummus and pita, we tear a small piece of pita and dip it in the hummus. The taste is a bit oily and creamy. It melted in my mouth when its silky texture touched my tongue. This food is great to eat either with or without any side dishes.



The first time I saw falafel, I thought it was a meatball. But in fact, falafel is not made with meat at all. It is made with chickpeas or fava beans or a combination of the two combined with other spicy herbal ingredients. All of these are good for people who care about their health. falafel is crunchy on the outside and smell of herbs including cumin and coriander. If you like to eat vegetables and are looking for something new, falafel is a good choice for you.



Shashuka is poached tomato with eggs on top. Perhaps this sounds like a banal food but its taste really isn’t. Although tomatoes are a typical food from around the globe, The shashuka has such a unique taste. Thanks to the mysterious middle-eastern culture for shaping this way of cooking. My shashuka had a sweet-scented fragrance from poached tomatoes and was served in just perfect temperature. I felt pleasure every time I swallowed.



The menu provides great selection of meat and side dishes for shawarma. We chose roasted beef with 3 side dishes. The roasted beef was very  soft  and  mellow. It was cooked in a spicy Arabic style which was perfectly mixed with salad, hummus and french fries.



After the meal, we interviewed the restaurant owner, Mrs Sumol Chaisoy. She said that she is the main chef and she has to prepare the food and its recipes for a genuine taste. For example, for the hummus, she has to boil the chickpeas for several days. She let us try “eggplant salad” which is one of her proud dishes. It made us feel breezy with the fresh eggplant.

As Thai people , we think Shoshana is a good place to find new experiences to enjoy the food from a different culture. However, if you are tourists, we are sure that this place is totally worth it. The food is served in big portion sizes and you can enjoy a meal for around 150-250 Bath per person.

More Informations

Shoshana is located in a small alley opposite Wat Chana Songkram. It’s not far from Khaosan Road. You can go north-west along the Khaosan Road to Chakrabongse Road , Then make a right and straight ahead to the alley.

Website :
Address : 86 Chakapong Rd., Taladyod, Pranakron, Bangkok 10200
Tel: 02-282-9948
Mobile: 08-4942-6954

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