Siri-Sompong’s Karanda plantation is an organic plantation of a rare fruit with high benefits to human health. They have started planting Karanda on the area of 16 acres since 2002. The beginning was because of that the owner was suffering from his health issues of smoking behaviors. Then, he found the fruit Karanda or ‘Ma Muang How Ma Now Hoo’ in Thai and noticed that this fruit was mentioned in many Thai folk tales as an effective medicine against many symptoms. He tried planting it in his land and used it to cure himself. After months he feels healthier so he decided to turn it to be the main product of his plantation.

Karanda or Carissa carandas (Scientific name) is a species of flowering shrub in the dogbane family Apocynaceae. It produces berry-sized fruits that are commonly used as a condiment in Indian pickles and spices. It is a hardy, drought-tolerant plant that thrives well in a wide range of soils. It is used in the ancient Indian herbal system of medicine to treat acidity, indigestion, wounds, skin diseases, urinary disorders, diabetic ulcers, biliousness, stomach pain, constipation, anemia, anorexia, and insanity. Karanda is rich in iron, vitamin c, vitamins A, Calcium, and phosphorus.


Siri-Sompong’s Karanda plantation is developed into an agricultural travel site where you can chill out with its shady atmosphere in the beautiful garden and floating house. Beverages and desserts made with Karanda are available in the modern-style cafe as well as so many Karanda products from Karanda juice to Karanda source for cooking. You can also experience with dying a piece of fabric with color from Karanda and take a look at Karanda in the real Karanda plantation area.

If you prefer a boat trip. You can take a long tail boat from here. It will carry you through canals and native village to see Thai-style houses and townfolk’s lifestyle. The boat can bring you back to the plantation or deliver you to another destination where I recommend going to rombawarn ancient market. It is a vintage market where people dress in Thai traditional style as if they lived in the King Rama 5 era.

Siri-Sompong’s Karanda plantation

Siri-Sompong’s Karanda plantation is located by the Mae Klong river at 29/8 Bang Nok Khwaek, Amphoe Bang Khonthi, Samut Songkhram.

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