Lhong 1919 is the place where you can chill out and enjoy beautiful Thai Chinese style architecture. You can find good food and beverages from several restaurants and outdoor shops in the area. If you like photography, I highly recommend visiting this place with your buddy. There is full of interesting background to take your portrait photos.

Thai Chinese people are one of the most important parts of Thai society today with a population of approximately 10 million people. But in the past, most of them were immigrants from China who sailed overseas and settled in many parts of Thailand. They worked diligently to live their lives and also consistency keeps following their culture. Around 150 years later they became prosperous and their path became legends.

Lhong 1919 is one of the Heritage Site that reflects who Thai Chinese were in the past. It is a traveling spot that recreated from the old harbor and the old mansion where the Chinese lived and worked. Lhong 1919 has a group of old buildings that used to be shops and home offices with the shine at the center. Modern Chinese still worship their gods with candles, incenses, and flowers. Nowadays This building is turned to be modern shops that sell artifacts and fashion. A lot of Beautiful graffiti was painted on the wall with unique technique as well as ancient furniture that are displayed in some room on the 2nd floor.


To sum up, Lhong 1919 is a good place to visit if you plan a trip along Chao Phraya river. It’s fun to walk around and enjoy its romantic atmosphere. It is not far from other popular traveling destinations in Bangkok.

More Information

Lhong 1919

Opening Hours: 09:00-22:00
Address: Lhong 1919, 248 Chiang Mai Rd., Bangkok Riverside
Tel: +66 (0)91 187 1919
How to get there:
Take Express Boat to Si-Phraya pier. Then take a cross riverboat to another side
and Call a Tuk-Tuk or Taxi to Lhong 1919. It costs around 30-40 bath. Or you can take a shuttle boat from Si-Phraya pier or a pier under BTS Taksin to get there.