Kansai Fu(ll) offers distinctive Japanese cuisines in reasonable prices. This small restaurant has been established for 6 years by gourmet who addicted to Japanese food. The name of restaurant was named with Kansai region which is the cultural and historical heart of Japan while the word ‘fu(ll)’ means cool or stylishness, so the main concept of the restaurant is to represent innovative japanese cuisines based on Japanese cookery culture.



Sometimes small restaurants turn out to be surprisingly pleasant places in which to dine. Kansai Fu(ll) is one of them. The restaurant is decorated in modern Japanese style and it provides multiple styles of tables: Japanese-like, outdoor and couple of lovers. Japanese-like tables are look like traditional Japanese tables which people sit on the floor although these roomy seats are lifted up and covered with tatami mats  so customers can enjoy sitting in any posture they want. Pictures on the wall and yellow light create relaxing and cosy atmosphere. The owner was standing hospitality and was carefully receiving orders by himself while the chef was showing his professional cooking skills in the kitchen which was inside the dinning room.

Bacon Oyster


Bacon oyster is one of iconic dishes of Kansai Fu(ll). A fresh oyster from Hiroshima wrapped with aromatic fried bacon on each of five pieces is served with a crescent of lemon, salad and cold mashed potato. If you eat it, squashy oyster will splash of its intensive taste in your mouth as well as smokiness smell of bacon.Bacon oyster is the perfect combination of land and sea,fresh and fried,hot and cold.

Sushi Mariawase


Sushi mariawase contains 10 pieces of bite size sushi. The raw materials are good quality sushi-grade fishes. This dish is optimized not just the taste but also the appearance. It delivers art through integration of colors on a wooden platform. If you look closely on a piece, you will see skillful decorative cutting on the fish and the rice is loosely squeezed which allow it quickly split up and mix in the mount by just the right balance of tangy and savory flavors while eaten with soysource.




Kansai-style Okonomiyaki is widely known as Japanese pizza. Its pizzaness comes from various versions of ingredients. Just like the pizza that you can have whatever you want on(or in) it. Kansai Fu(ll) provides  endless possibilities start with 7 types of invented okonomiyaki plus a long list of recipes that let you custom yours. I recommended shredded cabbage and bacon topping with Katsuobushi (dried, fermented, and smoked skipjack tuna). This selection is popular among regular customers.


In my opinion , Kansai Full is the great place for Japanese food lovers to discover new flavors of Japanese food because this restaurant provide a numerous dishes of Japanese cuisine and the food quality is similar to very expensive restaurants in Bangkok, but the price is more reasonable.

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