Tana Rapids or Kaeng Tana National park is a Viewpoint that tourists can see Large Rocks made by force of waterflow from 2 great rivers. These rocks are height around 1 metre and scoured by rapid and deep water. Cause them to have many holes and caves which are homes of fishes and other lifes in rivers.

Kaeng Tana National park located at Khong-Jiem District. Ubon ratchathani Province.Kaeng Tana National park ‘s area is around 80 sq.km. It’s undulating hills landscape is junction of Mun River and Khong River. North of Kaeng Tana National park is Laos. Tana Rapids is a point that have rapid and deep water. They have many underwater cave so fishes live here abundantly. The center of Rapids is small islands where is a good viewpoint.

When Mool River flowed around Don Tana (Tana Plateau) it will continued to Tana Rapids. The center of Don Tana(Tana Plateau) has a Great Rock that be island in Mun River. This island has a squre building constructed in colonial era to Navigate ships through underwater channels.

Moreover, Kaeng Tana National park also has many others Travel places such as Don Tana(Tana Upland) , Kanwae Rapids , Tandol Waterfall and Huay Kwang Waterfall.

Kaeng Tana National park is one of Nature Travel site with Large and Small Rocks made by water for long times. You can touch with local peoples’s lifestyle fishing on small boat. If you are shutterbug that love lifestyle photos. Undoubtedly, You will get likely photoes.

how to go ?

The park is 80 square kilometres (31 sq mi) in size. it can be reached by two routes. The first is by taking Highway No.2222 where visitors can see a beautiful view of an island in the river. The other route is through the National Park Office along Highway No.217.

* This national Park has Camping Area.

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