Sorrawut Korsuwansiri

Sorrawut Korsuwansiri is a programmer who used to work crazily so he had never seen a sunset for years. One day he fell in love with traveling and photography. He has been feeling on top of the world since he started sharing his travel experience in Thailand to others especially to foreigners who visit Thailand.

Mae Nam Restaurant

Mae Nam Restaurant is a nice restaurant in a balcony beside Chao Phra Ya River in Pathum Thani. The restaurant is located near important government places so I guess it is a regular restaurant for executives and VIPs. Mae Nam […]

Reun Phae Khao.

Reun Phae Khao is a historical white wooden house which is one of the most important landmarks in Pathum Thani. It was built in 1917 to be a guesthouse for VIP visitors including Thai kings and the royal family. There […]